T-Mobile 3G to Launch in 27 Markets October 1st

Remember that rumor about T-Mobile rolling out its mobile-media-friendly 3G service in 27 cities on October 1st? It turns out it may in fact be real. We know this because, as Engadget reports, someone managed to snap off a photograph of an 8.5 x 11-inch piece of paper taped to a window that says, in T-Mobile’s trademark pink font:

“10.1.08: 3G is Coming”

Putting aside whether or not that’s accurate—hey, we’ve seen much crazier stuff—it’s entirely possible that 3G is already working in your city. It is in New York City, at least. Anyway, the list of cities for the rumored, gargantuan power switch flip includes Austin, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, LA, Orlando, Sacramento, and a host of others.

And although 3G is mobile media friendly by its very nature, for now it’s going to be mainly about voice clarity for T-Mobile, judging from the early batch of low-end feature phones that support 3G on the network. As soon as that changes, we’ll let you know.

(Image credit: TmoNews)