T-Mobile 3G Samsung Galaxy Tab Will Be $400 with 2-Year Contract

It looks like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Android tablet is going to serve as an Android Tablet pricing experimental subject. Let’s see what we have so far.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet $599 From Verizon: Too Expensive or Just Right?

Verizon is going to offer a 3G version of the Tab for $600. However, they will not require any contract. 3G service can be purchased on a month-to-month basis.

WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab Priced at $499 Like Low-end iPad: Not Low Enough IMHO

A WiFi-only Tab will be available from Best Buy for $500.

Samsung Galaxy Tab hitting T-Mobile USA on November 10th, $400 on contract

Engadget reported that a 3G Tab will be available from T-Mobile for $400 with a two-year contract. There’s a $200 early termination charge. So, if you break the contract, the Tab will essentially be the same price as the no-contract Verizon Tab.

If you would like T-Mobile to let you know when the Tab will be available from them in the U.S., you can sign up on their web site:

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab

P.S. Note that T-Mobile’s information says that Qik Video Chat will be available on the Tab for two-way video calling.