A Look at the 2.2 Million (and Counting) Followers of @POTUS

The debut of President Barack Obama’s @POTUS Twitter account Monday has already made an impact, and social intelligence company Sysomos analyzed its first couple of days.

The debut of President Barack Obama’s @POTUS Twitter account Monday has already made an impact, and social intelligence company Sysomos analyzed its first couple of days.

According to Sysomos, @POTUS attracted some 2.2 million followers in its first 24 hours after going live, and at the time of this post, its total was 2,207,319.

Sysomos also examined the account’s first tweet () and how it was retweeted, writing in a blog post:

We only analyzed 4,000 retweets to get an accurate sample of how the spread played out, but the tweet actually received more than 250,000 retweets. The full amount of retweets likely played out very similarly as news about the account spread. We found that the half-life for this specific tweet — the time it took to get from the original tweet being posted to its 2,000th RT — came in at only three hours and 31 minutes. What this tells us is that the reaction to the president joining Twitter moved swiftly and gained momentum very quickly. Part of the reason that this account gained such momentum was due to the fact that every news organization and popular Twitter account wanted to be one of the firsts to welcome @POTUS to Twitter.

And Sysomos used its Influencer Communities tool to examine reactions to the @POTUS account, finding positive sentiment from other accounts including:

  • @BarackObama (no surprise here!)
  • @TheEllenShow
  • @MTVNews
  • @MileyCyrus

News and media accounts delivered the news of the launch of @POTUS, including:

  • @TIME
  • @NYTimes
  • @JimmyFallon

And politics came into play, as negative sentiment came from right-leaning accounts, including:

  • @JebBush
  • @FOXNews

SysomisPOTUSSentimentCloudFinally, Sysomos examined just who is following Obama, discovering that only 38.3 percent of the account’s followers come from the U.S., with the U.K. coming in second, at 6.6 percent, and Canada’s 3.1 percent placing it third.


Males made up 65 percent of followers of @POTUS, while females accounted for just 35 percent.

Readers: Any surprises?