Syrian Electronic Army Strikes Again! Where’s Batman When You Need Him?

As the web cries out, yet again, after an attack by the Syrian Electronic Army, those of us fond of 80’s superhero shows feel like we’re watching an episode unfold. And it’s pretty fantastic.

Any minute now, the SuperFriends will come to the rescue.

Either that, or the hacks will just continue. It’s more fun to imagine the former. Ka-pow!

According to The New York Times, “the Web site and several Twitter accounts belonging to The Financial Times were hacked on Friday by the Syrian Electronic Army in a continuing campaign that has aimed at an array of media outlets ranging from The Associated Press to the parody site The Onion, according to a claim by the so-called army.”

The F.T. confirmed that it had been hacked through its Twitter feed, telling Twitter followers: “Various F.T. blogs and social media accounts have been compromised by hackers and we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

And the Telegraph snagged some screenshots of the hack before it was fixed:

If you’re curious about these hacks and want to follow along as they happen, the group is pretty open about it -just follow their Twitter handle @Official_SEA12. Though, I have to say, they’re making it distressingly easy for the SuperFriends to find them.

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