Synthesio Partners With DataSift for Facebook Topic Data

Add social intelligence platform Synthesio to the list of partners with access to Facebook topic data from DataSift.

Add social intelligence platform Synthesio to the list of partners with access to Facebook topic data from DataSift.

Topic data, which launched in March, allows marketers on the social network to drill down into data of what users are saying about events, brands, subjects and activities, completely anonymized.

Synthesio is using its new partnership with DataSift to launch its Audience Analytics platform, which will provide its clients with information on:

  • Brand Health: Understand popular perception about their brands and products across Facebook’s 1.44 billion users, including what aspects of their products drive the most positive or negative intent.
  • Campaign Analysis: Identification of what campaign messages are resonating with the overall population, as well as demographic breakdowns to understand what audiences are engaging with the advertiser.
  • Content Performance: Allowing content creators and publishers to understand where stories are trending throughout the Facebook ecosystem.

Synthesio vice president of global marketing Leah Pope said in a release announcing the partnership:

Partnering with DataSift will provide Synthesio customers with the ability to analyze audiences on Facebook through this anonymized and aggregated Facebook topic data. Ultimately, this partnership is a strategic piece of our ongoing desire to provide our customers access to the deepest and richest social analytics.

VP of product Matthew Zito added:

Facebook has been a part of our social analytics mix for years. But adding Facebook topic data opens up a whole new world of anonymized and aggregated data that no one in the industry has previously had access to, and we’re excited to drive even more innovation in this space.

And DataSift chief product officer Tim Barker said:

DataSift empowers companies to pluck the signal from the data noise, gaining deep insight into what Facebook audiences are engaging, discussing and sharing–all in an aggregated, anonymized and privacy-safe way. We’re pleased that Synthesio is partnering with us to offer its clients market and brand-specific intelligence to boost customer engagement and brand innovation.