Syndey Pollack Hates Traffic

The thing about L.A.-centric stories is that so many of them come off sounding like they’re written by transplants who have no knowledge of Los Angeles beyond what they see in movies or read about in books.

Even when Angelenos are the focus of the interview, L.A. always comes off sounding like a parody of itself.

Such is the case with NYC-based 92Y which has a Q&A with Sydney Pollack, in which the actor/director/producer comes off sounding like Woody Allen at his whiniest.

The one thing Pollack hates the most about L.A. is traffic. He calls NY an “outdoor” city and says LA is a good place “to come back to,” but just an “OK” place to call home. The freeways get mind-numbingly clogged. Our culinary greatness peaked after after “the first days of the first Spago.” And did he mention the traffic?