Syncapse acquires Clickable to bring ad capabilities to its social marketing platform

Social media management platform Syncapse today announced it will acquire Clickable, which has access to the Facebook Ads API and offers tools for search and social advertising.

The acquisition puts the company in a better position to compete with others in the space as more social marketing platforms and ad providers converge. This also makes Syncapse a more attractive target to be bought by an even larger company. Buddy Media recently sold to Salesforce for $745 million after acquiring Brighter Option in late February. Vitrue, which doesn’t have Ads API access, sold to Oracle for a rumored $300 million. It’s likely that IBM, SAP and other software companies are looking to build the social side of their portfolios.

Syncapse was founded in 2007 by former Facebook Director of Media Michael Scissons. Despite his media sales background, the company focused on Facebook marketing through pages and applications. Syncapse acquired social media agency Nudge in 2010, and now has more than 120 employees. According to CrunchBase, the company has raised a total of $28.3 million, including a $25 million round from ABS Capital. At the time, Scissons told us he wasn’t interested in adding ad sales to the platform, but the market has evolved over the past year, leading more companies to provide all-in-one solutions.

Clickable began in 2006 focused on search advertising, but has since moved into social, becoming one of the earliest Facebook Ads API partners in 2010. The company has raised a total of $32.5 million, according to CrunchBase. Most recently, Clickable introduced a new dashboard to its platform allowing users to track campaigns across search and social networks. The company told us it was looking to integrate the Facebook Insights API, as well as data from DART, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare.