5 Ways To Sync Facebook And Twitter

There has been a lot of discussion over the similarity & differences between status updates on Facebook & Twitter tweets and whether users should actually combine both of them. While there are a number of strategies for optimizing your Facebook and Twitter presence, we thought it would be useful to highlight the various ways in which you can connect the two accounts.

Before jumping into the list, let’s first look at the differences between the two services and why a lot of users are against combining both services:

  1. Philosophies: While Facebook is closed and limited to a select group of friends, twitter is an open platform where your broadcast messages can be seen by anyone in the world. Whereas Twitter updates have a ‘140’ character limit, Facebook status updates do not have any limitation like that.
  2. Target groups: Facebook is primarily meant for establishing connections with known friends. Perhaps there are a lot of your friends on Facebook who do not even understand twitter.
  3. Repetition: Assuming you do have a set of common friends on Facebook & Twitter, chances are that they will get bored if they get to see the same set of messages on both the networks.

On the flip side, there is a growing community of users who understand both of these platforms & have a different set of friends on these networks. For them, both Twitter and Facebook’s updates serve a common purpose. Individually updating both is duplication and quite often time consuming.

Here are ‘5’ ways through which you can configure Facebook & Twitter to work together:

Twitter Application for Updates on Facebook

If you want to keep your friends posted with your twitter tweets, then use the Twitter application for Facebook. It has a user-base of 306,703 monthly active users so there are no questions about its popularity. The installation process is quite smooth & it loads in your Facebook just like the normal twitter window. While it does bring tweets to your Facebook updates, you have to be careful of duplication and speed of posting since tweets are more regular than status updates.

Facebook Status Updates to Twitter (Tweet)

Formerly called as Twitter Updater, Tweet used to make it very easy to post Facebook status updates as tweets on the twitter site. It was an automated process and everything used to work very seamlessly. But suddenly, it was banned by Facebook as according to them the application was using bots which were violating their terms of use.

Although the developers are still working on getting the application back in action, for now you can update Twitter from Facebook by using the ‘Tweet’ function from the Publisher box on profile and home page.

Facebook Status Updates to Twitter via RSS Feed

Since the Tweet application is still under development, there is another way of sending Facebook status updates. Most importantly, it isn’t based on an application and instead works via RSS feed.

The process of setting it up is quite simple, first of all,signup for a service like Twitterfeed for grabbing the RSS feeds & sending them to twitter. The second step is to find the Facebook RSS feed for status updates. For further details please read the excellent description here.

Facebook Page Updates to Twitter Tweets

This is extremely helpful if you are a business, want to create a lot of buzz on your Facebook fan page & link the updates with your Twitter account.

This feature isn’t a third-party utility and is provided by Facebook itself. All you need to do is point your browser to http://www.facebook.com/twitter/, select the appropriate Facebook page & twitter account. Once you are done with that, you can configure the settings to choose twitter posting options, i.e. whether you want to post on twitter e.g. Links, Status updates, Pictures, Event creation etc.

Through Third-Party Clients

Popular desktop applications like TweetDeck & PeopleBrowsr support integration of the Facebook stats updates directly alongside the Twitter stream. Effectively speaking users can post updates to Twitter, Facebook, or both simultaneously. This eases the monitoring process, makes it pretty simple to participate as all your friends come in one place. In both the cases, the applications have integrated Facebook features & as a user, you have select additional options to send tweets to Facebook (or vice versa).

Since it is very difficult for an individual to keep abreast with multiple profiles, convergence of social networking accounts is the way to go. The possibilities that we’ve explored here are a start point. We’re sure that there are many other ways to integrate Facebook & Twitter together. Do let us know about your methods through the comments section!