How to Sync Your Facebook Page Updates With Twitter — and Why You Shouldn’t

The following is an excerpt. The complete article, available in our Facebook Marketing Bible, includes the full six steps why you shouldn’t syndicate your Page updates to Twitter and should write custom updates for each network instead.

For the busy marketer, syncing the updates from your brand’s Facebook Page with your Twitter profile can seem like an easy and convenient way to minimize the time it takes to manage both accounts. However, as we explore below, we recommend you write custom version of your content for Facebook and Twitter, as cross-posting can work against your goals instead of for them.

But first, we’ll cover how Facebook’s official Twitter application allows Facebook Page owners to automatically syndicate their posts to Twitter after installing the app on their Facebook Page.

Link Your Facebook Page To Twitter

To start syncing your Facebook updates to Twitter, simply navigate to to add the application, and click the Link a Page to Twitter button.

From there, choose the Page you wish to link to Twitter and click Link to Twitter.

As the Page administrator, you can decide whether to share everything you publish on your Facebook Page with your Twitter followers, or be more selective and choose from Status Updates, Links, Photos, Notes and Events. Status updates and links work best as these types of content can be consumed via Twitter without users having to return to Facebook.

If you have multiple Pages, you can also link each of those Pages to different Twitter accounts.

Updates are posted to Twitter with a shortened URL from

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do This

Syncing up your brand’s Twitter profile with your Facebook Page seems like a smart idea, but it’s not something that we would recommend for a number of reasons.

  1. Twitter Isn’t Facebook – They’re very different social platforms with different communities, expectations and norms. You won’t get as many clicks or as many people following your calls to action unless you write for your network-specific audience.

The full version of this article, which covers all six reasons why you should write custom updates for each network instead of cross-posting, can be found in the Facebook Marketing Bible, Inside Network’s complete guide to marketing, advertising, and ecommerce on Facebook.