Symbol, Symbol, On the Internet


A late night find, but we’ve still got three hours before “today” becomes “tomorrow” and this helpfulness all but ends and we get back to the ruthlessness UnBeige is known and feared because of. So here’s something that fits in with the rest of the lot today, something that’s both helpful and interesting. Maybe more so of the later, but whose to tell in this monde de design? It’s, which is just what it sounds like and geez is it ever cool. You think, at first, “Oh, hey, symbols…really…great…yeah?” But then you get into the intuitive interface, all the different things that pop up in random searches, the sheer volume of information, and your sentence which so rudely ended in a question mark (don’t think we didn’t see what we just wrote in your voice!), turns upside down and becomes a…well, we don’t know what…but why not look up what it might be on

Note: if down the line there happens to be an awards ceremony somewhere on this blog for brilliant segues, that last sentence should be nominated. If there’s a shameful award for being too self-referencial, maybe this part should be nominated for that.