Shutting Down Its Website on Dec. 17 & Cutting Off Online Access to Source Code, Documentation, Etc. – Why Not Keep a Skeleton Site?

I’ve always considered Symbian and its mobile platform to be synonymous with Nokia. This was not a correct way to think about it in the past. But, with other manufacturers abandoning the platform, it has become correct. Earlier this month (Nov. 8), Symbian announced that it will become a non-profit licensing entity and that Nokia will be responsible for future development of the platform.

Symbian Foundation to Transition to a Licensing Operation

Now, Symbian is taking the rather dramatic step of shutting down its website on December 17 and removing access to content such as source code and reference documentation.

Symbian Foundation web sites to shut down

I don’t understand why, which will remain as a scaled down organization, is shutting down its site completely instead of maintaining a skeleton site which can continue to host content such as source code and documentation in a frozen state.

Via Electronista: shuts down Dec. 17, online distros going away