Sylvia Moreno Returns to City Staff

From the Post’s internal announcement:

    The City Desk is delighted to announce that Sylvia Moreno will join
    the staff to develop a beat that examines the District government’s
    strategies for dealing with a number of critical problems including
    poverty, the lack of affordable housing and a widening economic divide.

    Sylvia’s work will be a key part of our accountability reporting as Mayor Adrian Fenty’s constituent-centered administration promises to address more of the concerns of people living on the margins of society.

    Since 2004, Sylvia has been bureau chief in Austin, where the depth
    and range of her journalistic talents were on display as she covered the Southwest for the National Desk. Her skill at showing how government policies dramatically changed lives was evident in her coverage of complex immigration issues. She rode Border Patrol airboats along the Rio Grande, and interviewed adults and children along the river banks and in federal immigration detention centers. Energetic and resourceful, in one season she chased Hurricanes Emily, Katrina and Rita, flying in Black Hawks to view some disaster relief missions. She covered the infamous hunting incident involving Vice President Cheney, Tom DeLay’s travails in criminal court and the history of Alberto Gonzales’s rise in Texas.

    Sylvia joined The Post in September, 1997, and was a reporter for
    both the Virginia Desk and the City Desk before moving to the National section. For 16 years, she worked for Newsday and New York Newsday. She also worked for the Dallas Morning News in Austin and United Press International in Austin, Kansas City and Dallas.

    Sylvia will begin her new job in late July.