In Rocky’s Corner: Acting Coach Ivana Chubbuck

Sylvester Stallone powerfully leads off John Horn's KPCC Oscars preview special.

John Horn, the longtime former L.A. Times reporter who now hosts The Frame on public radio station KPCC 89.3 FM, leads off his Oscars preview special with Sylvester Stallone. When this year’s overwhelming Best Supporting Actor favorite sat down previously with Horn, he talked about working with famed acting coach Ivana Chubbuck:

“She just began to break me down. And I went, ‘Wow.’ Because it’s almost as if certain acting habits become calcified and, before you know it, you’re like a piano player with one finger. You keep hitting that same note over and over, again.”

“She right away got into really subliminal, exploratory personal chambers that I wanted to keep closed. Like my son’s death. I said, ‘I really don’t want to go there, I really don’t want to talk about that.’ She said, ‘Well, that’s what needs to come out. You need to express that. This is what this character is dealing with, that kind of loss, that kind of grief.'”

Stallone told Horn that the whole process “destroyed him for a while.” The actor had not worked in person with an acting coach since his college days.

In a rare interview last year with The Daily Mail, Chubbuck, now in her early 60s, explained that she’s all about “empowering people.” Halle Berry famously thanked Chubbuck in 2003 when she won Best Actress. Stallone may well mention her name Sunday.

The Frame’s Oscars preview special is also airing on New York’s WNET, San Francisco’s KQED and other public radio stations across the country ahead of Sunday’s big show.

Update (Feb. 29):
The Philadelphia Daily News, which consistently leads the way among U.S. dailies when it comes to clever front-page word play, summed up Sunday night’s shocking upset of Stallone by Mark Rylance as follows:


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