Sharknado Sequel Will Be Set in New York City

Stop the cheesy presses. After tearing up an LA beach setting and social media, the instant upside-down classic Sharknado is bringing its act to Manhattan.

The good folks at Syfy Channel have confirmed there will be a New York-anchored sequel airing in 2014. The mind reels at the possibilities: a Donald Trump cameo; a Sinatra impersonator gobbled up in the middle of a warbling rendition of “My Way.” From The Hollywood Reporter:

Syfy also announced a Twitter contest to name the sequel. Fans will be able to tweet their sub-title to @SyfyMovies using #Sharknado. The network will select the best submission as the sequel’s sub-title.

Speaking strictly for the male side of the contest equation, we’re thinking that being the winner of this ice-cold-animal-stare sequel derbv could bring a certain, shall we say, Ian Ziering circa-Beverly Hills 90210 success with the ladies. And even if it doesn’t, who wouldn’t love to be able to crank out the opening line, “Hey, you know that Sharknado sequel sub-title? Well…”

Update – 07/26/13: A special theatrical midnight screening of Sharknado will take place Friday August 2, featuring additional never-before-seen footage. For theater and ticket info, go to Fathom Events.

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