SXSWi ’08: Dooce Duo Less Corporate Than Us

Joy mingled with pain this morning around 8am, when we were riding the elevator in our Austin hotel (AKA SXSWi’s tech-nerd dorm, where you can’t swing a USB cord without hitting a semi-attractive hipster expounding on “creative potential” in the hallway while sort of giving you the flirteye but mostly trying to check out your affiliation to see if you’re the next millions-making accidental Internet success story they should be sidling up to). What had us so bifurcated?

Contemplating our schedule for the day as we headed towards coffee, we were pleasantly surprised when Internet celebs Heather Armstrong (blogger behind and her husband Jon boarded our car. Jon’s groan of “COFFEE” to his wife prevented us from approaching them just then [we are wise in the ways of giving space to growly partners desperate for joe].

Pain came when we reached the ground floor. While we made a beeline for the lobby Starbucks, the Armstrongs went the opposite way, forcing the realization that they were probably off to consume their caffeine at some far less corporate-backed locale. Joy? That they wouldn’t drag out our wait for coffee by getting in line in front of us.

* **Taco Tally: Two

*The Taco Tally (TM) is a highly scientific chronicling of number of tacos consumed since last post by posting party.

**Yes, we’re serious. There are just so frickin’ many opportunities to eat tacos here.

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