SXSW: What IS Music Worth?


AppScout blogger Kyle Monson posted a detailed summary of an ad-supported music panel at SXSW, asking “What IS music worth?” He wrote that the way you answer that question will vary depending on your age, your technological prowess, your creativity, and who knows what else. It was the topic of discussion at a SXSW panel about ad-supported music, with the other question being “how do you compete with free?”

There’s lots of good stuff in there, but a key point touched on the transformation of the music industry. “It used to be that record labels sold products to consumers, while TV networks gave away their products and sold their audience to advertisers to recoup the cost. Right now, [Engadget founder and now music label owner Peter Rojas] is applying the TV model to music, and TV networks are trying out the music model on iTunes and through DVD sales.”

And while Ted Mico, the head of digital for Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records, naturally pointed to the subscription model as the way of the musical future—meaning flat monthly fees for all you can download, and keeping revenues flowing to record companies forever—Rojas reminded everyone that “the [current] implementation of these subscription services sucks.”

Image credit: AppScout