SXSW Web Awards Recap


It was a ceremony rife with internet humor, including an interview with the Star Wars kid, all grown up (in body, but not in saber-swishing mind), and trivia of this nature:

The day after the Oscars, what answer did you get when you Googled the question “Aren’t you glad that Crash won?”

Did you mean: Aren’t you glad that trash won?

One of the most mind-boggling moments came when 9Rules Network accepted their award for best community/wiki and asked all the contributers to come forward as well. Dozens of designer-bloggers and blogger-designers swarmed the stage. They’re everywhere.

As promised, the winners were posted late yesterday and can we say we’re thrilled to the gills that the AIGA Design Archives trumped the art category (and it’s not even technically art!) Much applause to Second Story and Third Wave who couldn’t be in Austin to accept the award.

We sat at banquet tables, Golden Globe-style, with the good Behavior boys, nominated for The Onion and Media Matters, judge James Craig of frog, Michael Epstein of MIT and Liz Danzico, certainly wearing her AIGA hat tonight.

Interviews and photos will be posted there and on the Adobe site soon.