DubMeNow & The Social Collective Launch Official SXSW iPhone App

mysxsw phone screenshotDubMeNow, creator of a “mobile business card” app for various mobile platforms, recently announced a partnership with The Social Collective, resulting in the my.SXSW iPhone app for the SXSW Music, Film and Interactive conference.

SXSW Mobile App and my.SXSW Platform

SXSW, aka South by SouthWest, takes place in Austin, Texas on March 12-21, 2010. Attendees have been able to build and view their schedule, view news and connect with other attendees via the the my.SXSW platform, which was developed by The Social Collective.

iPhone: my.SXSW 'my card' and 'browse events' screens

The my.SXSW iPhone app is powered by DubMeNow’s DUB and is based on the my.SXSW platform, which is “the official social networking and scheduling platform for SXSW.” The social aspect of my.SXSW includes the ability of attendees to see what events their friends are attending. With the iPhone app, this same information can be checked on the go. Users can also post messages to, exchange contact info with, and generally connect with other attendees.

iPhone: my.SXSW schedule and news screens

The iPhone app also offers the other features of the my.SXSW web app, including:

  • Build and view attendee schedule.
  • Map conference and festival events on an hourly basis.
  • View news.
  • Search events and venues.

The iPhone app keeps information in sync with the my.SXSW web app. See SXSW for more info about the my.SXSW iPhone app or its iTunes preview page. The app works on iPhone and iPod Touch devices having iPhone OS v3.x.

DubMeNow Applications

snap DubMeNow.com business card page

DubMeNow also offers a free “mobile business card” application for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices which allows users to exchange contact information even intra-platform. Features include:

  • Locate, which allows you to easily swap contact info with another DUB user from your phone.
  • A DUB ID that is one or more easy-to-remember words to be handed out to people you meet.
  • Smart business card for adding info about your social neworks, blogs, Twitter handle, IM and more.
  • LinkedIn invitations that can be sent with your contact info, from your phone.
  • Groups, which you can create, join, or search. These are similar to Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.
  • Where We Met, which provides a means to mark on a Google map a contact’s address and the date that you met.

DubMeNow users can exchange contact info intra-platform, meaning that they do not need to be on the same type of mobile device. If a user’s contact info changes (and the user updates their mobile business card), their changes will be reflected in the mobile address books of all their contacts who use DubMeNow and have “updating” configured to “immediate” (as opposed to “never.”)

If you want to add someone to your DubMeNow contacts who is not a user, you can use their email address or mobile number to send them your DubMeNow mobile card. They will be sent a web link to page where they can create their own card. Once they’ve done this, both your mobile address book and theirs will be updated with each other’s contact info. A video of how DubMeNow’s mobile business card application works is shown below.

DubMeNow is planning to release open APIs for developers who want to build mobile apps on their DUB events platform.