SXSW Interview with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Devolves Into Chaos


Although this is one of those rare years that we personally don’t have boots on the ground for SXSW, we as the collective, all-powerful entity known as mediabistro, do have a whole slew of savvy reporter types sleuthing around and doing something we don’t quite have figured out yet, described as “live-blogging” (which, sadly, we have almost entirely ruled out as having anything to do with a popular mid-90s band). In particular, we found of particular interest what’s sure to be one of the most talked about events from the whole conference, fishbowlNY‘s live-blogging of former BusinessWeek writer Sarah Lacy‘s awkward interview with Facebook founder and incredibly wealth young person, Mark Zuckerberg. We highly encourage you to read through the posts, but only if you don’t a) get really uncomfortable when things go from slightly bad, to bad, to really, really bad or b) you’re Sarah Lacy and you just want to put this whole unpleasant experience behind you.

2:54: Lacy accuses Zuckerberg of giving her another ‘Leslie Stahl moment’ to which he sweetly shoots back: ‘You’ve got to ask questions.’ Audience goes nuts, with cheering and applause, bonding over their mutual hatred of her. This is as feel-good a moment as they come.

2:56: Zuckerberg: ‘The part of the story you left out is that I destroyed them.’

Lacy: ‘You burned them. How dramatic is that?’

Zuckerberg: ‘I did not. You made that up.’ Audience goes crazy. If Lacy gets out of here without having anything thrown at her, we’ll drink 11 more coffees within the hour. Wait, that sounds good.

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