SX Social Viewer Can Help Businesses Target Potential Brand Ambassadors

We know you’re geeking out about SXSW, so we have one more tracking device to share with you.

This one can also help you promote your business to the SXSW crowd, but in a different way. It can help you target potential brand ambassadors to approach for sponsored tweets.

The folks at @MassRelevance have created the SX Social Viewer, “offering you a destination that captures and displays the most relevant SXSW conversations in one place. This second-screen experience, let’s you know what’s happening now, where you should be at, and maybe even what you missed.”

But the most important part, outside of watching the tweets per minute (TPM) with both horror and amazement, is the section highlighting the top five tweets of the day:

What can you do with this info? You could check out the profiles of these SXSW socialites and see if they’re a potential brand ambassador for your brand. They already have an active audience (obviously), so this is a down and dirty way to get around a long (and possibly expensive) search for targeted influencers! It’s worth a shot, at the least. At best, you shell out a couple hundred for a sponsored tweet.

And even if you don’t find anyone worthy, you may find new folks to follow or glean important intel around the event that could inform your future marketing efforts.

Any top TPM projections? Think it will surpass the Super Bowl?

(image from Shutterstock)