Swype Beta Keyboard Updated

A new update of the Swype keyboard is now available for beta testers. The update includes improvements to the installer as well as the keyboard, and the installer now automatically notifies users of an update. The two significant additions to the keyboard in this update are double-tap to edit and the voice-to-text button.

If Swype choses the wrong word you can correct it by simply double-tapping on the word to bring up the choice menu and picking the correct word. If the correct word is not listed you can simply re-enter the correct word. The cursor returns to where you left off after the correction is made.

One of the noticeable limitations of Swype is that it did not have the voice-to-text button, which became part of Android 1.6, and now Swype includes includes the button on their QWERTY keyboard. If Google Voice Search is not installed on your phone the voice-to-text button will not appear.

Beta testers can download the update by opening the following page one their phone: http://beta.swype.com/android/get

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