Swiss Army Knife Employees Are Most Valued

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post about how to figure out what you’re worth with two titles comes the not-really-news that employees with a wide range of skills are hot right now. In other words, specialists are great, but if you can specialize in multiple things, you’re gonna be in demand.

Reports Workforce: “Jack-of-all-trade workers remain crucial to companies for their ability to handle multiple assignments. And versatility has emerged as a key quality that recruiters say they consider when filling vacancies these days.”

Workforce spoke with a CEO of a publishing company whose magazine, Pink, cut staff and went online-only in 2009. “I used to have one copy editor, one rewrite editor, two event managers, a designer and several writers and salespeople,” Cynthia Pink told Workforce. “Now I have a half-dozen people working for me. My designer is also my media and video person, my line/copy editor also writes, my events person is now doing sales and is good at it. One person can wear a lot of hats in this economy where you must do more with less.”

Proving you’re able to adapt to change isn’t easy, experts say. Resumes are designed to show an upward career trajectory, not a career spread (though we assume putting your varied duties under one title has got to say something about how adaptable you are). Recruiters advise talking in interviews about how change excites you, and when you’re asked why you left your last job, don’t complain about the turbulence.