Swiping Celebrity Images from Plixi? ‘Not so Fast,’ Says WENN

Global news organization WENN will be the broker for celebrity images on social photo-sharing service Plixi (formerly TweetPhoto), under terms of an exclusive agreement announced Wednesday.

Celebrity photos on Plixi can now be purchased via WENN, also helping to ensure that proper attribution is included.

Plixi CEO Sean Callahan said:

We are pleased to be working with the leader in celebrity photos to help us manage our popular celebrity images used by mainstream media publications. This partnership will help solve the fundamental problem of media outlets not providing proper attribution to photos they publish from our service.

WENN CEO Lloyd Beiny added:

This is a significant development in resolving what until now has been a digital wild west. Publications, Web sites, and photo agencies have liberally helped themselves to the photos posted on Plixi and reproduced them with scant concern for the ownership of copyright. As a result of this new arrangement, anyone wishing to publish celebrity photos posted through the Plixi platform now knows they can do so without breaching copyright by acquiring the images legitimately from WENN.