London Magazine Repackages ‘Best of the Internet’

SWIPE debuted today.

SwipeIssue1Fascinating item from Liza Hearon, associate editor of Mashable U.K. SWIPE, a brand-new magazine launched today in London, is repackaging internet highlights in paper form, with the tagline “The Best of the Internet in Print.”

The target audience is millennials (isn’t it now always?) and the per-issue price is no charge (say what?!). From Hearon’s post:

SWIPE pays websites about 10-15 U.S. cents per published word and displays the sites’ logo and Twitter handle along with articles. “With user-generated sites like Medium, we speak to the author of the article to get their permission and arrange payment,” [editor Barney] Guiton said.

The glossy is set to publish every two weeks, with an initial circulation of 20,000 and reps handing out the bulk of each issue run at subway stations. Maybe this is the beginning of a new wave of publications, one we will christen Alt-Ctrl-Del-weeklies. In Hearon’s piece, there is a hint of one of the ways SWIPE plans to pay for it all.

H/T: Declan Cashin