SwiftKey iOS Keyboard App Updated to Predict Emoji Usage

The keyboard app now predicts and suggests appropriate emojis, saving users time while typing

SwiftKey Emoji

SwiftKey has released the biggest update yet for its keyboard app on iOS devices, introducing support for an included emoji keyboard, so users don’t have to bounce between full keyboards to use emoji symbols. Just as the keyboard “learns and predicts” words and phrases as users type, the app will remember the emojis used most often by users, and predict them going forward.

When using the SwiftKey keyboard, users can swap to emojis using a button in the bottom left corner of the screen. From there, users are presented with the full emoji keyboard, complete with more than 800 available symbols. The more users add these symbols to their conversations, the more the app learns to offer them in the regular prediction bar. That is, the emojis will appear as predictions alongside text predictions, even without being in the emoji section of the keyboard.

In addition to this update, users can now toggle on keyboard click sounds, and access “Flow” typing functionality in the iPad version of the app (for typing while sliding one’s finger around the keyboard). Finally, SwiftKey is now available in 11 additional languages, including Bulgarian, Turkish and Russian, taking the total number of supported languages to 35.

SwiftKey is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is also available on Google Play.