SwiftKey Alternate Keyboard For Android

In my opinion the most obvious sign of innovation with Android is on-screen keyboards. Several different companies are working on different ways to improve the keyboard to make data entry easier and faster. What is cool about Android is how it supports different keyboards, and it is easy to switch between them by simply pressing and holding in a text field, selecting Input Method and then selecting a keyboard. I’ve been using Swype as my main keyboard and I have been getting faster at data entry with it, but I have installed a beta of another keyboard called Swiftkey that I am now trying out.

Unlike Swype, SwiftKey is a standard QWERTY keyboard that you type on, the difference is in how it uses word prediction to guess the word that you are typing. Data entry speeds up when the correct word appears after the first couple of letters that you type, decreasing the amount of actual typing. SwiftKey also learns your writing style as you type and incorporates that into the word prediction, which is a bit reminiscent of how the handwriting recognition of the Apple Newton was supposed to get better by learning your handwriting. The following video shows a comparison between SwiftKey and the built-in Android keyboard.

The SwiftKey beta is available in the Android Market, and you will find installation instructions on the SwiftKey web site.