Swich, From the Ground Up


Michael Surtees, who sadly we missed having a beer with in NY last week, has a great interview up with the owner of a restaurant we wished we’d also not missed on our trip out there, it’s with John Gargiulo of Swich. It’s not much about the food, but rather, the whole construction of a restaurant, something we’ve been fairly familiar with these past couple of years working around people fully branding and creating various eateries from nothing, and it’s a really interesting scoop if you’ve never been privy to the details. Here’s some from the get go:

The credit for the design of Swich has to go to the firm that came up with it- a happy group of people called The Apartment. I knew I wanted Swich to be a forward-thinking, future-leaning kind of place, but I also wanted it to feel comfortable and accessible. Homey-chic was sort of what I was thinking. I feel like The Apartment delivered that feel perfectly. It’s a huge credit to them that your experience walking into Swich was precisely what all of us intended! A warm, happy, hip little place to get your sandwich fix.