Swell Radio App Brings Pandora-Like Algorithm to News and Information

News radio just got personal. With Swell’s new radio app, you can listen to the latest news stories with unlimited skips. With each skip, the radio’s algorithms adjust the stream to be relevant for you:

Swell’s vision is to elevate the radio experience with a listener focused recommendation algorithm, delivering curated news and information that learns as you listen so it’s always giving you the most relevant content. The more you listen, the more finely tuned the recommendations become, rewarding the smart and curious with quality content that keeps them informed and entertained.

Once you download the free app, just push play to get immediate access to Swell’s partners: NPR, ABC, BBC, NBC, TED Talks, ESPN, and even Comedy Central. You can skip, bookmark, or share stories as they appear. If you have a long commute with lots of tunnels or dead cellular zones, the app can also pre-load content using Wi-fi for offline mode. Great for US commuters who “spend over 500 million hours per week getting to and from work.”