Sweet Smash Story: It’s a Birthday Party for Pets in this Facebook Match-Three Game

Sweet Smash StoryRenatus Media has announced the launch of its newest Facebook puzzle game, Sweet Smash Story. Inspired by a real-life relationship between a little boy and his dog named Toy, the game is the fulfillment of a son’s wish to play a game that contained his dog, allowing him to play with Toy even when the real pet wasn’t around. In each level of Sweet Smash Story, which was developed by Playcream, players click on groups of two or more touching, matching squares on the board to clear them in order to meet level-specific objectives.

Sweet Smash Story contains 90 levels at launch, and is themed after a birthday party. Each level presents users with a different assortment of birthday cake blocks, and asks players to complete a different set of goals. There’s no move limit in most levels, but the game offers plenty of strategy, as users must determine the order in which to clear blocks to ensure they complete any necessary requirements.

One level may ask players to clear cherries or birthday candles from the screen, by dropping them to the bottom of the board. This is a similar process to rescuing pets in King’s Pet Rescue Saga. Other levels may challenge players to clear a large number of blocks, or all blocks, of a single color.

While these stages don’t offer move limits, one variety does. These see users challenged with collecting a large number of key items, without running out of moves. Here, new blocks are continuously added to the top of the screen after every move the player makes. It’s up to users to react appropriately to bring the key items to the bottom of the screen once they appear.Sweet Smash Story 3As players clear stages, the level designs become more complicated, and may introduce static obstacles that impact the way cubes fall down the screen, for instance. Other levels contain cream cubes, which also don’t move, and can only be cleared by activating a match with symbols that touch it. Still other levels introduce blocks covered in icing, which can only be used in matches once the icing has been removed. This is done by making a match next to the covered cube, and so on.

Users receive up to three stars on each level, depending on the points they earn. Treasure chests are also earned while playing, which may contain free lives, keys and more. These keys are used to unlock additional chunks of levels back at the main menu, and can be purchased with premium currency (real money), or earned from friends for free.

Bombs may be scattered on a level board, and clicking them removes a chunk of symbols from the screen. Power-ups are also available on the right side of the screen, represented by a team of hamsters. One allows players to clear any one symbol from the board, while another removes all blocks of a single color. Two final powers are used to clear one single column of blocks, or a single row. Gamers can pay premium currency to purchase these power-ups, while some are given away for free while playing.

Sweet Smash Story is available to play for free on Facebook. Check out the trailer for the game below.