Sweepstakes and Friend Quizzes Score on This Week’s List of Facebook Games Gaining Daily Active Users

This week’s list of top gaining Facebook apps by growth in daily active users (DAU), sourced from AppData, may contain a few inaccuracies; Facebook failed to update its stats on several days last week, although we have yet to find out why. But even with the reporting problems, there are clearly a few winners on the list.

Here are the top 20 apps:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. FarmVille31,937,622+4,278,734+13.40
2. Marketplace1,270,660+1,134,658+89.30
3. Birthday Cards2,972,808+971,030+32.66
4. Static FBML1,273,538+416,971+32.74
5. Friends Exposed1,792,319+369,796+20.63
6. Facebook for iPhone13,691,980+356,757+2.61
7. Pet Society4,198,261+310,074+7.39
8. Incontra gente271,922+247,494+91.02
9. Which Celeb Do You Look Most Like ?222,115+216,620+97.53
10. Friend Quiz1,163,719+170,062+14.61
11. 6 waves Apps168,502+163,235+96.87
12. My City Life350,224+148,321+42.35
13. Friend FAQ697,586+142,856+20.48
14. PetVille4,817,157+139,421+2.89
15. Ninja Saga518,494+137,761+26.57
16. My Town634,089+134,638+21.23
17. Family Tree489,814+128,598+26.25
18. Happy Aquarium5,843,694+121,198+2.07
19. MindJolt Games2,618,767+105,563+4.03
20. Demande à tes Amis106,485+104,270+97.92

FarmVille’s stats are a bit off, but the game appears to be making real gains, perhaps in part from its Valentine’s day push and introduction on MSN’s massive gaming network. We talk about it a bit more, along with its social gaming peers, over at Inside Social Games.

Marketplace, number two, has not appeared on any of our lists for weeks. But this week, it spiked up sharply in both monthly active users (MAU) and DAU. Chances are the activity is driven by a week-long sweepstakes featuring prizes like iPhones and Nintendo Wiis that the app’s developer, Oodle, is running.

Skipping down several places, Friends Exposed has shown little growth in its MAU, so its presence may only be temporary or caused by Facebook’s reporting problems. Then again, it also appeared last week at number four, so users may be becoming more engaged with the app; its wall is certainly active enough, its rating is fairly high for an app based around the “quiz” concept.

Incontra Gente, a dating app made exclusively for Italians, is new to the list; it looks like the app is regaining users who left after it recently began experiencing technical problems.

Finally, there’s Which Celeb Do You Look Most Like?, by one Jessica Murdoch, who appears to be a high school student — she used the Quiz Creator app to create the quiz. This falls along the lines of a basic quiz app, but it’s worth pointing out that the celebrity theme is doing well, with a couple more appearing on last week’s list of emerging apps.

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