Swedes Using Text Messaging to Save Cardiac Victims

The Swedes are commonly known for giving Nobel Prizes, making great meatballs, and of course neatly packaging modern home furnishings. Personally, I think they should be known for having a heart of gold. SMSlivräddare, a Swedish organization that solicits CPR-trained Swedes for emergencies via texts, have help to increase cardiac survival rates from 3% to nearly 11%.

Since the first few minutes of a cardiac attack is the most crucial for survival, the fleet of 9,600 volunteers are capable of boosting the flagging emergency response service. In fact, every minute of waiting reduces the chances of survival by 10%. When an emergency call is made, volunteers within 500 meters of the victim are sent SMS text notifications. In most cases, they are able to arrive prior to ambulances or any other emergency vehicles, which can take up to eight crucial minutes. With about 200,000 Swedes who have CPR training, the country could be saving a lot of hearts.

With so much life at stake, I think ABBA had written just the right lyrics, don’t you?

One of us is lonely
One of us is only
Waiting for a call


Via Mashable