Swede swipes Spanglish story

swede.jpgA Swedish journalist has been accused of plagiarizing this LAT article about the emerging hybrid dialect of Spanglish. Unfortunately, most of the press coverage of the incident is in Swedish, but this is what I’ve pieced together via translation websites:

Newspaper asserts: Pascalidou has plankat krönika
First accused Alexandra Pascalidou, 35, in order to use itself of spökskrivare.
Now in order to have stolen a kr̦nika in Los angeles Times Рand done the to your own in the newspaper metro.
– I worked with the article an entire year, says Daniel Hernandez on LA Times.
The newspaper Resumé discloses that Alexandra Pascalidou, krönikör in the free of charge newspaper metro, has plagierat a krönika in the American newspaper Los angeles Times.
Bodes krönikorna acts about tvÃ¥sprÃ¥kighet, “spanglish” – or “spangelska” that the is called in Alexandra Pascalidous translation.
And at a comparison is the resemblances the average texts majority prominent many.
Alexandra Pascalidous krönika, that was published in metro December 29, 2003, was typed on-the-spot in Los angeles in USA.
Two days earlier, December 27, had the American journalisten Daniel Hernandez your published text in Los angeles Times.
– the each on the first side and has been quoted in many newspapers in USA, but then has the to stood each the comes from. The acts about protecting about the readers’ confidence, says Daniel Hernandez to Aftonbladet.
In your personal kr̦nika in metro uses Alexandra Pascalidou same quotation and examples as Daniel Hernandez two done days earlier. In paragraph after paragraph reviews she to same persons Рin same order that Hernandez. But not somewhere in the text mentions she the American journalisten or LA Times.

Anyway, it’s nice to know that even if elitist East Coast media types don’t read or care about the LA Times, the paper gets noticed by Swedish plagiarists.

(link via L.A. Observed)