Swashbuckling Pirates‘ Box-Office Booty Inspires Awkward Headlines, Leads Everywhere


  • ‘Pirates’ Hauls In Record Bounty For Disney
    London — Execs at The Walt Disney Co. ought to have been splicing the mainbrace to a couple of key hands in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise last night. [Forbes.com]

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Plunders Box-Office Record
    Treasure piled high for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel this weekend … [San Jose Mercury News]

  • ‘Pirates’ Swashbuckles Competition In Record $132M Weekend [KTVU.com]
  • Shiver me timbers! ‘Pirates’ rakes in $132M [WFAA]
  • Yo ho ho and a load of dough: ‘Pirates’ sails to record debut [Sarasota Herald-Tribune]

  • Jack Sparrow and crew find $132M in Dead Man’s Chest [Katu.com]
  • Pirates of the Caribbean sequel plunders North American box office [CBC]
  • ‘Pirates’ Yields Bounty for Disney [TheStreet.com]
  • ‘Pirates’ Swashbuckles Competition In Record $132M Weekend [WBAL]
  • Depp marks the spot as ‘Pirates’ sequel lands record $132 million

  • Dead man’s best takings [Melbourne Herald Sun]
  • Box office captured by Pirates [The Age]
  • Disney’s ‘Pirates’ Nets Box-Office Record [Smartmoney.com]
  • $132 Million for ‘Pirates’ — That’s a Lot of Jack [KTLA]
  • Arrrr! Pirates sail to top spot [Ottawa Citizen]
  • Swashbuckler grabs record booty [Columbus Dispatch]
  • Pirates makes rivals walk plank [The Daily News]
  • ‘Pirates’ finds treasure: $132 million [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Ar! Here be treasure, mateys — $132 million [Fort Worth Star Telegram]
  • ‘Pirates’ Take a Treasure Chest of a Record [Canton Repository]
  • ‘Pirates’ keep hauling in record loot [New York Daily News]
  • Swashbuckling Pirates sequel sails into box-office record books
    [Vancouver Sun]

  • Flocking to see Sparrow [Edmonton Sun]
  • ‘Pirates’ $132 million opening sinks previous record debuts
    [Inland Valley Daily Bulletin]

  • Pirates fortune [Daily Telegraph]
  • ‘Pirates’ jolly rogers its way to No. 1 [North Korea Times]
  • No bottle of rum, but ‘Pirates’ pulls them in [AZ Central.com]