Swanson, The Hill’s Coffee Spiller, Gets Punk’d

The Hill‘s News Editor Ian Swanson is still reeling after spilling coffee onto his computer last week and destroying it.

After his computer died, Swanson was understandably distressed. Apparently it’s not normal when a flashing briefcase with a question mark appears on your screen.

Managing Editor Bob Cusack (known for pulling elaborate pranks) went to work, e-mailing Swanson under a fake name, pretending to be a techy at corporate headquarters.

Swanson was told the incident would be put in his employee file. In order for the coffee controversy to go away, the techy asked him to go before staff to discuss the dangers of having drinks around computers — to which Swanson agreed.

At one point Swanson pled his case to the make-believe techy, saying, “I’m just still in shock. I’ve never had that happen before, and I’m surprised the coffee did that much damage. The stupid top didn’t even come off of the cup.”

On Friday Swanson put two and six together and figured out Cusack was the culprit.

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