SVA Announces Design Field Trip to Italy This Summer

We can think of nothing nicer of you to do for yourself than leaving town for two weeks to bask in the joy that is Italy. But we realize you’re not the type who would enjoy just sipping wine, eating the best food you’ve ever tasted, and merely looking at some of the most scenic things ever looked upon on god’s green earth. Fortunately, we have just the solution (that hopefully includes a lot of all three): the School of Visual Arts’ Summer Program in Italy. It’s two weeks, from late May to early June, spent wandering around Rome and Venice, learning about architecture, typography, and anything and everything otherwise design and Italy-related, all under the tutelage of some of the finest hosts around, they of the mighty SVA faculty. If our praise for the trip hasn’t swayed you yet, here’s the scoop straight from the source, which should push you over that edge quite nicely:

Spend two weeks studying visual communication — especially typography — in Venice and Rome, the birthplace of Western typographic tradition. Visit the Trajan Column, the Pantheon and the Arch of Titus. Examine inscriptions on Roman buildings and monuments that have long been a typographic ideal. This workshop in design history, theory and practice will be an intensive period of study that enables students to research and analyze the roots of typography, while practicing contemporary design with Italian and American designers and design historians.

The workshop will foster multidisciplinary activities — through immersion — in architecture, fashion, literature, theater, and even cuisine. Collaborations with Italian design organizations and businesses will result in projects and products for publication and production.