Susumo Azano Divulges Rules for Social Media Marketing

Susumo Azano is one of many entrepreneurs that realize the potential that lies behind social media marketing. Having started his own company back in the late 90s, he did not have the same advantages that entrepreneurs have today. In 2013, social media profiles have become abundant and a vast majority of Internet users are on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, GooglePlus, or some other networking site. These sites were once used by college graduates to communicate with each other, and have since become a helpful tool for the wise entrepreneur. Even though social media marketing is like shooting fish in a barrel, that does not mean that its usage will guarantee success. In fact, Susumo Azano reveals a few important rules to remember when utilizing social media for marketing.

  • The first rule to remember is that quality content is crucial. Susumo Azano states that, in order to attract more visitors who will frequently come to the company page, entrepreneurs must present them with something that is worth seeing. The quality of the content is what matters most when taking advantage of social media marketing. There are two important aspects that lead to high quality content. The first requires entrepreneurs to take on the position of a “thought leader.” This makes them produce unique content that people have never seen before. Secondly, entrepreneurs should recognize how to share other people’s content in a tactful way. It is not a bad thing to share valuable insight that is created by other sources however it is vital to give credit where it is due. A balanced combination of these two aspects makes a recipe for success in promoting a business through a social networking page.
  • Susumo Azano states that the next rule is to engage the audience. Entrepreneurs will need to have a positive interaction with their clientele through their social media page. This will get more traction than any other aspect so page regulators should hold engagement as top priority. Social media is a two-way conversation interface. Not only should entrepreneurs produce high quality content, but they also should make sure that they are actually acknowledging their audience by reading and responding to comments. Taking it one step further, business owners are encouraged to go to other professionals’ pages and engage in conversation. This helps develop a strong personal relationship between the entrepreneur and their clientele.
  • It is wise for entrepreneurs to focus on a specific niche with their social media marketing strategy. Social media provides users with a plethora of information that can seem overwhelming at times. Millions of users are posting hundreds of bits of content coming from a variety of sources, which can all become very distracting. As mentioned previously, entrepreneurs who are thought leaders will want to make themselves stand out from their competitors. They can do this by specializing in one particular area or arrangement of areas to get an audience hooked into their social media profile. Susumo Azano encourages entrepreneurs to become an expert in a particular area that focuses on a specific product, service, or information. People will rely on this entrepreneur’s guidance and are more inclined to come back to their page for reference.
  • Susumo Azano indicates that entrepreneurs should use their social media profile to build up their business. Conversely, they should let their business build up their profile. Professional marketers will claim that every passing minute using social media must have a worthwhile cause. Besides trying to accumulate a mass following of social media users, entrepreneurs should put their focus in gaining a dedicated clientele for their business. An effective method for completing this task is by showing off expertise in blog posts. Followers will show interest in this helpful insight and will tune in for more information in the future. Entrepreneurs can also take advantage of paid advertisements to direct traffic towards their business. Facebook is one site that lets people place advertisements to attract customers and followers.

There are many social networking sites on the Web nowadays. Susumo Azano mentions how each site has its own unique style and culture. Entrepreneurs who want to make the most out of their social media marketing strategy should know how each site operates and what opportunities they present. There are different users that are targeted through each social media sites’ efforts. Entrepreneurs that want to become online marketers should learn about the innovative opportunities that lie within particular social networks. Sharing posts on Twitter, for example, is not the same as sharing on Facebook. With the first site, entrepreneurs can keep re-tweeting the same post to grab attention from a variety of users. However, with Facebook, if someone were to keep sharing the same post over and over, then it would flood followers’ feeds.

“You have to build specific strategies that will accommodate each platform. Take your time and learn to master each social media site’s platforms so as to engage the most followers,” states Susumo Azano.