Sustainable Developments at the Cooper-Hewitt’s Eco-Breakfast

NDW.gifThere’s no sleeping in during National Design Week, so we were up bright and early to join assorted design types at “The Business of Design,” a breakfast panel moderated by Financial Times journalist Sarah Murray that featured the trio of James Ludwig (Steelcase), John Righini (General Electric), and Sven Shiers (Patagonia) discussing how green design impacts both their overall strategy and their bottom line. Helping to capture the event for the live webcast was Cooper-Hewitt staffer and First Daughter Barbara Bush, who is quite handy with a video camera.

“We’re not nearly as cool as Patagonia or nearly as big as GE,” said Ludwig in his modest introduction of Steelcase, the company behind Think, the Glen Oliver Low-designed chair that was the first product to ever receive Cradle to Cradle Product Certification from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry. Ludwig amended his statement once Righini started talking about the wallpaper studded with light-emitting diodes that’s in the works in GE’s Ecomagination division. “Sorry,” he interjected. “That’s cool and big.”

More from the panel (including photos!) coming soon…