Susan Sarandon Welcomes Syrian Refugees to Greece

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Social media was full of praise recently for photos of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcoming Syrian refugees to his country. Equally uplifting are the shots included in actress Susan Sarandon’s latest dispatch from the island of Lesbos in Greece for “The Crossing,” an immersive reporting series she is hosting that is sponsored by The Huffington Post and


From her Dec. 21 post:

As the refugees climb out of the boat, I’m handed a little girl who managed to stay dry except for her feet. At first, she is frightened but her thirst overcomes her fear as she drains the juice box.

I take off her wet shoes and socks, warm her feet and put on new socks. I find out the girl’s name is Semihan. She is Iranian and 5 years old. Her mother joins us, shy and shaken. She also has two sons and a husband with her.

I can see that she’s trying to hold it together. When we make eye contact, I touch her shoulder and tell her in a language that she can’t understand that I’m happy she made it safely. With that little bit of kindness, she breaks.

In an earlier dispatch, Sarandon described what it was like to stand next to the mountain of life jackets discarded by incoming refugees. A sight that has been dubbed the “Mountain of Misery” and the “Lifejacket Graveyard.”