Susan Rice Turns Down FNC Invite, Accepts ABC’s and CNN’s

chris_wallace_x200For those of you who tuned in to this weekend’s Sunday Shows, you heard from National Security Advisor Susan Rice…on ABC’s “This Week” and CNN’s “State of the Union.”  Where you didn’t see her, “FOX News Sunday.”

Host Chris Wallace addressed her absence from his program yesterday on his show.

“By the way, National Security Advisor Susan Rice is appearing on two Sunday Shows today, but the White House still has not made her available to us since we interviewed her back in September of 2012 just five days after the Benghazi attack.”

She last appeared on FNC when she appeared on all Sunday Shows on September 16th, 2012. Wallace also addressed her turning down an invitation to appear on his program on February 23 of this year.

“I wanted to ask the Obama Administration about the crisis in Ukraine, but they decided to put National Security Advisor Susan Rice on only one show today in her first Sunday appearance since 2012 when she blamed the Benghazi terror attack on reaction to an anti-Islam video. Of course FOX has led the way in questioning how the administration handled Benghazi. Perhaps Susan Rice didn’t want to answer the tough questions we would have asked.”

Wallace is known for pressing for guests to appear – he initiated an Obama Watch for the President to appear in 2008.