Astrologer Susan Miller Adds Monthly TV Show

The Verge catches up with a woman whose future includes many more nights of only four hours' sleep.

One of the intriguing strands in The Verge’s profile of astrologer Susan Miller is a reminder of how getting a TV show to air has changed.

In the old days, as Miller touches on, you might be done after a company like Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video moved on from the pilot stage. But today, a prospective content provider can turn around and find another company like Los Angeles-based TV4 and upload directly to Hulu. The monthly Web series Astrology Zone with Susan Miller launched in February. From The Verge piece:

“Susan’s success [when I met her] was based on the same thing as her success now: she genuinely loves what she does and believes in it, and also genuinely loves people,” says Cindi Leive, the editor-in-chief of Glamour, via email. Leive, a self-described horoscope skeptic, met Miller when she edited her at Self magazine. Today, she oversees the astrologist’s Glamourscopes online video series, sort of mini-versions of her new show. Miller counts Leive among her closest friends. “[Her] secret… has nothing to do with astrology and everything to do with Susan herself and her contagious enthusiasm.”

Another new media factoid worth noting. Miller, a Pisces, is 68-years-old, or of an age that was not exactly commensurate with the old TV model. Variations of her content can currently be found in close to a dozen monthly fashion magazines, including Elle and Vogue Japan.