Survivor: Escape from LA

While advertisers are stumbling over themselves to leave the Survivor campfire, reality TV pros don’t see the issue. FBNY has been hearing from chickenhearted CBS staffers, but here in LA, where reality TV is a way of life, team division by racial lines isn’t such a big deal. We mean, they could have played dirty and split the teams by Soy/Dairy or Vegan/Carnivore or even Saline/Silicone. The LA Times had on op-ed by LAist editor Tony Pierce in which he argued:

Any stupid game show that can get tens of millions of people to talk about serious issues that affect us all (especially if we’re uncomfortable bringing it up) should be praised, not scorned.

But he also points out that most critics have no idea how the game is played. Hint: there’s no watermelon eating contest, not mochi-making contest, no burro race. Survivor‘s more integrated than the NBA.

FBLA thinks that the teams should have been split into Pro and Non-Pro, like in Variety.

Host Jeff Probst had said that this season’s ultra-diverse cast was a product of:

casting associates going all over the country to find specific groups where we could find Asian-Americans, maybe a cultural center or a certain part of town where more Latinos live.

And surprise! These intrepid traveling/casting folks ended up finding happiness, just like Dorothy, right in their own back yard–most of this season’s cast are from Southern California.