Survivalcraft, Draw Something 2, Swype and more on this week’s top paid apps charts

Survivalcraft, a clone of Minecraft – Pocket Edition, flew up the charts since releasing last week, nabbing the No. 3 spot on both the top paid iPhone and iPad apps charts. Zynga’s Draw Something 2, which ranked No. 2 on the top free iPhone apps chart yesteday, also made the top paid iPhone apps chart at the No. 5 spot. Warner Bros. LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes fought its way to mobile this week, landing at the No. 2 position for iPad and the No. 11 position for iPhone.

Swipe-to-type Android keyboard app Swype launched on Google Play last week, and the app has already become a significant competitor to SwiftKey Keyboard. In only one week, Swype claimed the No. 2 spot on this week’s top paid Android apps chart, a chart that normally doesn’t show too much movement week after week.

This week’s top paid iPhone apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.WhatsApp Messenger1=No
2.Cut the Rope: Time Travel2=No
4.Minecraft – Pocket Edition4▼1No
5.Draw Something 25▼1No
6.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run6=No
8.Temple Run: Oz8▼1Yes
9.Sleep Cycle alarm clock9▲12No
10.Kick the Buddy: No Mercy10=No
11.LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes11▼3No
12.Angry Birds Star Wars12=Yes
13.Block Fortress13▼2No
14.Plague Inc.14▲1Yes
16.Bloons TD 516▼2Yes
18.Random Heroes 218▼2No
19.Plants vs. Zombies19▼6Yes
20.Fish Out Of Water!20▼2No
21.Free Music Download Pro Plus21▲4No
22.Fruit Ninja22▼2Yes
23.Arms Cartel Global23▲7Yes
24.Bad Piggies24▼1Yes
25.xFree Music Download Pro25▲10No


This week’s top paid iPad apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run1=No
2.LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes2=No
4.Minecraft – Pocket Edition4▼1No
5.Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD5=No
6.Temple Run: Oz6=Yes
8.Block Fortress8▼1No
9.Fish Out Of Water!9=No
10.Plants vs. Zombies HD10▼2Yes
11.Photon Flash Player for iPad11▲5No
13.Kick the Buddy: No Mercy HD13=No
14.Toy Story: Smash It!14▲1No
15.Angry Birds Star Wars HD15▼5Yes
16.Adventure Time16▼4No
17.Bad Piggies HD17▼6Yes
19.Wubbzy’s Dance Party19▲2No
20.Toca Hair Salon 220▼1No
24.Random Heroes 224▼2No
25.xWords With Friends HD25=Yes


This week’s top paid Android apps

1.SwiftKey Keyboard1=
3.Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root3=
4.Minecraft – Pocket Edition4=
5.Nova Launcher Prime5=
6.Beautiful Widgets6=
7.Root Explorer (File Manager)7=
8.Poweramp Full Version Unlocker8=
9.ROM Manager (Premium)9=
10.HD Widgets10=
11.PdaNet+ (FoxFi) Key11=
12.ROM Toolbox Pro12=
13.Tapatalk 2 – Forum Reader13=
14.TuneIn Radio Pro14▲1
15.Plants vs. Zombies15▲1
16.Camera ZOOM FX16▼2
17.WeatherBug Elite17=
18.Where’s My Water?18=
19.Temple Run: Oz19▲1
20.OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD)20▲1
21.The Room21▼2
23.SoundHound ∞23▼1
24.Need for Speed™ Most Wanted24▲1
25.xXDA Premium25▼1


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service AppData.