Survey: Women Bloggers Willing to Help; We’re Not All Mommies

Ketchum surveyed the attendees of the recent BlogHer conference to find out what makes them tick, what makes them upset, and why there’s still an opportunity for marketers and PR pros to play nice.

First and foremost, just because a woman blogs, it doesn’t make her a mommy blogger. The top takeaway–as is the case with all how-to-pitch-a-blogger piece–is know what it is you’re pitching.

The results found that 40% provided feedback collected on their blogs to marketers to help them understand women and mothers, while 53% said they would do so if asked.

About half said they heard from PR people once a week, while 30% are contacted daily. Ketchum lists the lessons of the study as:

Read their blogs and understand their areas of focus. Many women bloggers said they would like to hear about news and products that better match their specific interests.

Know where they live. A number of respondents said they receive pitches about products and events not available in their regions or even their countries.

They’re more than just their blog, they have other roles in addition to being a mom or a blogger, including jobs outside the home.

Don’t assume all women bloggers are mommy bloggers.

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Kelley Skoloda, director of Ketchum’s Global Brand Marketing Practice and author of the new book Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to “Multi-Minding” Women said of the research, “Given that friends and family, offline and online, are the most credible sources of information when making a purchase decision and that many bloggers are now virtual friends with their readers and other bloggers, it behooves marketers to really listen to and respect the influence of female bloggers.”

An added bonus is Ketchum’s list of no-nos regarding marketing tech to women:

Patronizing language (33 percent)
Stereotyping (28 percent)
Unclear on product benefits (15 percent)
Jargon (11 percent)
Making products that appeal to men (7 percent)

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