Survey Shows Nearly One-Tenth of Employees Go to Work High

CommunityJournalismBLogFIThis just in…according to a new Mashable survey, almost ten percent of American workers show up to the office high on weed. We should add the survey wasn’t very large with a total of 534 participants as Americans shared their marijuana and prescription drug habits as they relate to the workplace.

There was a spike in numbers of prescription drug takers. That number of people taking prescribed drugs and then going to work hovered around 28 percent.

We should also point out approximately seven percent of folks mentioned they took these drugs for recreational purposes instead of medicinal reasons.

Let’s pause for a moment to remember many workplaces don’t require employees to take a drug test while they’re active employees. Drug tests for the prescreening employment process is one thing; tests during actual employment is quite another.

Just because tests may not occur, the piece reminds us “that doesn’t mean you can’t lose your job — or get so stoned that you don’t even know if you still have a job.”