Survey Shows Most New Hires Leave Within 12 Months

graduation capRemember back in the day when you felt you had to stay with an employer at least two to three years to look loyal and steady?

Well, it’s not uncommon for Millennials to jump around prior to that timing and a new survey proves it. Approximately 77 percent of businesses expect a recent graduate to stay less than a year.

Express Employment Professionals polled 115 of its franchise outlets across the country to ask employers to observe their new hires and report the findings.

The numbers aren’t at all shocking, that’s the thing. Reports have shown recent grads to be underemployed so it’s not surprising they would leave within a short timeframe to pursue a better gig.

And while companies may anticipate their crop of new hires to leave soon, maybe they should be offering more bells and whistles to entice them to stay. Just saying.