Survey Shares Top 10 Metro Areas for Job Growth

ImproveJobProspectsIf you’ve had a hard time pounding the pavement, it may be time to switch zip codes. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 10 metro areas are known for their spurts in job growth.

Without getting too technical because we’re certainly not economists, simply stated the following areas grew faster than the national average post-recession.

We should point out areas like New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia yielded more than 100,000 new jobs since 2010. That said, they also trailed national growth trends. New York lost more jobs than anticipated thanks to the finance industry, for example. In another instance, Philadelphia lost jobs in education, commercial banking and manufacturing.

1. Houston. Their specialty as you can imagine is oil and gas extraction, support activities for mining, architectural and engineering services, and education.

2. Dallas. Their expertise? Commercial banking, computer systems design, education, and general medical and surgical hospitals.

3. San Francisco. Think of the Bay area for computer systems design, Internet publishing and broadcasting and Web search portals, and management of companies.

4. Los Angeles. Entertainment, anyone? Their growth focused on motion picture and video industries, payroll services and accounting, agents and managers for artists, athletes, entertainers, etc., surgical and medical instrument manufacturing, and guided missile and space vehicle manufacturing.

5. Austin. This metro area relies on growth within data processing and hosting, computer system design, management, scientific and technical consulting services, and semiconductor manufacturing.

6. Phoenix. Think education as in private colleges, universities and professional schools, commercial banking, professional employer organizations and semiconductor manufacturing.

7. Miami. This southern location boosts its opportunities within legal services, business support services, freight transportation, payroll services and activities related to real estate.

8. San Jose. Their biggest growth? Computer system design, computer manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing and software publishing.

9. Detroit. This automobile mecca focuses on motor vehicle manufacturing, engineering services and temporary help services.10. Riverside, Calif. This area’s biggest growth has been within general warehousing and storage, offices of physicians, and heavy and civil engineering construction.