Survey: A Quarter of Adults Regret Sharing Selfies

A PicMonkey and Harris Poll survey found that almost half of U.S. adults snap the occasional selfie.

selfie_600The photo editor PicMonkey teamed up with Harris Poll to survey U.S. adults on their selfie-taking habits. Selfies have seemingly taken over – the word was named Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year and #me is currently the third most popular tag on Instagram. There have been endless selfie controversies, from the teen who posted one with a dead body, to the woman who snapped one with a suicidal man in the background. Even the president is not immune to selfie controversies.

According to the online survey of 2,051 adults, 47 percent say they snap the occasional selfie. Unsurprisingly, this number rose to 78 percent for millinnials. Ten percent of that age group said they take at least one a day.

More than a quarter of adults who have shared a selfie say they later regretted doing so, perhaps a symptom of our culture of oversharing. Eighty percent of self-photographers have shared them publicly.

Here are some other stats from the survey:

  • 24 percent of 55- to 64-year-olds take the occasional selfie
  • 14 percent of adults 65 years old and over will snap a photo of themselves
  • Southerners are more likely to a #sexyselfie, and are more likely to regret sharing them
  • Respondents thought Miley Cyrus’ selfies were the most entertaining out of all the celebs

Here are some tips from PicMonkey for taking the best photos of yourself:

  • Think about it as self-expression not self-promotion.
  • Don’t be too serious; a smile goes miles!
  • Capture goodness: take the selfie when you’re already pumped and in a good place, and your task becomes a simple one.
  • Don’t try to get it perfect. You’re capturing a slice in time, not chiseling in marble.
  • Your face doesn’t have to be front and center. Shadow selfies and where-I-stand selfies are completely legitimate and fun.

Want to know which smartphone is best for selfies? The New York Times’ Molly Wood compares the selfie quality of four top smartphones: