Survey Says!


With some fiscal years ending this Friday, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the future. Namely, exactly how big should your next raise be? There are several ways to calculate your potential value using two online salary surveys: AIGA/Aquent and, continuing with today’s theme of posting at least two stories about every company twice, Core77’s Coroflot.

AIGA/Aquent polls about 6400 U.S. mostly-graphic designers for its survey; the 2006 results are already online. Coroflot, on the other hand, spans many disciplines from fashion to architecture and encompasses the whole wide world. They’re also currently soliciting data for their 2006 survey–where you can plug in your info and see the results so far in real time. Check your stats at both, but be careful when you go begging for extra bucks–be sure to only show your boss the more favorable results.