Survey Says Students Not Hot About eBooks

The library eBook services provider ebrary released a teaser today with some details on their new survey into students and library eBooks.

Full details won’t be disclosed until next year, but ebrary did offer an overview. A total of 6,500 students were polled as part of the 2011 Global Student E-book Survey.Ebrary learned that according to students little has changed since 2008. eBook usage and awareness has not increased significantly, with students still preferring print books as much as eBooks. Students also reported that the primary reason they don’t choose digital over print is a lack of adequate tools as well as too many restrictions on usage.

“These survey results suggest digital content and services providers need to re-think our approach: Until more electronic content is available simultaneously with print, we cannot lose sight of the value of printed books to end-users, who expect to find the most authoritative information at the point of need.  To accomplish this we need better integration and tools to increase the availability and discoverability of all types of information, both electronic and print,” said Kevin Sayar, President and General Manager of ebrary.

You can sign up to receive the full report here. It will become available in January. The report will also be discussed at a conference later this week. You can sign up for the livestream of this session here. It’s scheduled to run on Friday.