Survey Reveals Executives Feel Uncomfortable With Facebook Friend Requests

This just in…if you want to friend a colleague on Facebook, think twice.

An OfficeTeam survey reveals more than six in 10 senior managers are uncomfortable when they receive friend requests from their bosses or employees they supervise. Perhaps a more interesting point to note is the awkwardness ranked at 68 and 62 percent, respectively compared to 47 and 48 percent in 2009.

And 49 percent of respondents prefer not to connect at all with colleagues on Facebook. This is up from 41 percent in 2009.

Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam, states in the press release, “People have different comfort levels when it comes to social media, so it’s best not to blanket colleagues with friend requests.”

He adds, “Along with being selective about who you ask to connect with online, you should always post prudently. You don’t want to share information that could reflect poorly on you.”

If you start to feel peer pressure if your whole group is connected on the social media site instead of you, you may want to consider accepting that friend request and then adjusting your privacy settings. Or avoid Facebook altogether and connect on LinkedIn instead.